Farming For The Future: Protect Your Investment

Any farm owner, farm manager and farm worker will be able to tell you the same thing; agricultural equipment and machinery do not come cheap. It is a serious investment and one that can either make your break you. It can raise your bottom line or it can sink you. As such, it is important you do all you can to reduce the chances of anything going wrong so that you can maintain a steady production line that will increase your profits. 


One of the big machinery killers is the weather, and that is why it is imperative you store your most valuable machinery inside and away from harm. Not only will this protect your machinery and ensure that it runs at maximum capacity year after year, but it will also allow you to command a higher trade-in value if, and when, that time comes. But it isn’t just the trade-in value that you are looking after. A well stored machine will also save you money when it comes to repairs, or the time it has to spend being repaired, both of which can affect your wallet in a big way. To specify a bit more, good storage will have a direct and positive impact on certain vulnerable parts, such as belts, hoses, and tires. 


An incredibly successful way to save money is to schedule regular and thorough maintenance checks of all your vehicles and equipment. It is exactly as the saying goes; it is better to prevent than aid. So build a relationship with a specialist team that will be able to regularly inspect your equipment. If you have had previous problems with a Tsubaki roller chain, then get a specialist out to ensure everything is done to prevent this from occurring again. The more you invest in protecting your vehicle from running on a problem, a safeguarding from future problems, the less downtime it will need and thus the more revenue you can expect. 


It is always tempting to perform modifications on certain farm machinery, such as tractors, in order to obtain more power from their engines. Why do farmers do this? The more power the more they can pull or carry, bringing older machines into the modern world, ensuring your vehicles can cover huge fields in less time, and a myriad of other reasons. However, this comes at a huge risk, not least the warranty of the machinery. Any change from the standard specifications that a agricultural vehicle were sold with can see your warranty become void, and if that happens you can expect a rather hefty bill to fly your way the next time something goes wrong. However, the warranty isn’t the only issue that arises when you tamper with farm machinery and that is because modifications will offset the balance achieved by the manufacturer. Agricultural machinery has to cope with a lot of strain, and that means a compromise was achieved during the development of the machine. Farm machines are not cars that can be pimped. By altering anything, you are messing with that compromise and that will lead to a shorter shelf life.

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