Paper Will Never Die

There’s a huge movement surrounding paperless businesses that has been rearing its ugly head over the past couple of months and it’s something that needs to be discussed before too many entrepreneurs get the wrong idea or start to make drastic changes to their business that are simply ludicrous and don’t need to happen. Let’s dive straight into the article and skip the intro because the quicker you ingest this information, the faster you’ll realise that these “go paperless” articles are a complete joke. 

Going Paperless Doesn’t Save Trees 

Forget all the nonsense you’ve read about going paperless and saving the environment. First of all, a single company making the switch to paperless doesn’t mean they will stop cutting a tree. That tree is going to be harvested for the sake of other products. For instance, it will be turned into lumber for buildings and structures, it might turn into fuel, or it might turn into tissues. If someone is serious about saving trees then they’d better stop using tissues to wipe themselves after going toilet and they should probably stop using wood-based furniture such as their desk—see how ridiculous this notion is? 

Going Paperless Doesn’t Save Money 

One of the biggest concerns with paper-based systems is their cost—but is that something your business is really caring about? A stack of paper has many uses and just because your employees are nonchalantly burning through a stack every day, that doesn’t mean it’s going to save you money in the long run by going paperless. First of all, your employees probably need that paper for something useful and if they don’t, then it’s something you need to talk to them about. Secondly, if you are caring so much about the cost of an extra stack of paper per week, then your business probably has more pressing issues to worry about such as debt. Lastly, has anyone even considered the costs of going paperless? Does it actually save them money, or does it just put more money into the pockets of companies that advocate paperless systems? The cost of a single computer could probably pay for an entire year’s worth of paper. 

Going Paperless Isn’t More Efficient 

Think of the number of times your office printer has failed. You’d probably just contact a service such as Ricoh printer support and they’ll come over, get your equipment fixed and then you’re good to go. You can start making prints again and continue with how your office works. However, if you have a paperless system which is based entirely on computers, then how often are they going to fail? Once or twice a week? Perhaps a few times a year? Once a day? It’s hard to tell because computer systems have more parts that can fail in a far more spectacular way than a printer. Let’s imagine what would happen if your computer systems suddenly failed and you had no idea to use your paperless systems. What then? You’ll just have to twiddle your thumbs as you wait for an engineer to come down, diagnose the problem, fix it, and then take several times more money than it would take to fix a printer. That’s not efficiency—that’s just replacing one necessity for an even more expensive one.

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