Business on the Go

The average business is changing. The entire landscape has changed compare to what it was a couple of years ago, and now we are thinking about more and more things when it comes to setting up a business. For example, if you run a humble retail store selling homemade goods, you don’t worry just about your store anymore. You have to worry about deliveries, you have to worry about getting noticed online, and you have to worry about your digital presence and how you can expand your business through the use of the internet. 

Another facet of business that has been steadily increasing in popularity is portability. In fact, many business owners simply can’t afford to rent out an office, or they find it an unnecessary expensive. With the growing popularity of cloud storage and online collaborative tools such as Google’s suite of cloud office software, you can technically run a business entirely in the cloud and only have a single physical location to act as a contact address.

Equipped for Movement 

Although it’s always a good idea to have a static business location, much of your work can be done on the go. To accommodate this, you need to have the correct tools and equipment to be able to move around while you work. For instance, you can start by equipping your staff with smartphones and laptops to carry out their work wherever they are. Business laptops can be bought in bulk for a very low price and they don’t have to be extremely powerful depending on the type of work you are doing. 

Tablets are also a great alternative to laptops because they provide much of the same utility but they are often cheaper and easier to handle. They can also be used on the go, for example, if your employee is on the train or working in a cafe. However, whatever equipment you decide to use you also need to have the right tools to transport them. Bags and laptop cases are good, but you can also get shipping cases with wheels if you need to move around an entire computer that you use for demanding tasks such as video editing or audio production.

Services to Support Mobile Businesses 

Since you’ll be doing most of your work in the cloud, it makes sense to have the correct tools to do the job. Software, in this case, will make up most of your workflow. The important cloud service you’re going to need is an online storage service. For example, Google Drive and Dropbox are good examples of cloud storage services that work well, have a good track record and very competitive pricing. You’ll also need some mobile internet connections. You can buy USB dongles that connect to a 4G connection and use those, but they will be subject to area coverage and they are rather expensive. The best option is to simply have a good home internet connection or a connection at work where your employees can upload their work to your cloud storage space. 


Overall, managing a business on the go is simple as long as you know the technology, tools and services you need to get started. Being able to hire employees regardless of their location is fantastic, and it opens you up to many possibilities that weren’t available when you worked in a static location.

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