Have A Nice Day! How To Train Your Retail Staff

How To Treat The Customer Well 

Remind your retail staff that it’s important to be welcoming towards customers and to make eye contact with them and smile and greet them in whatever manner is your store policy. Although it’s great to be helpful towards customers, retail staff should not be too pushy or follow customers around – sometimes it’s nice to simply browse in stores without feeling as though retail staff are aggressively trying to sell products. Encourage your retail staff to rely on their instincts when they’re interacting with customers – be friendly but don’t go over the top, and remember that it’s important to give them a little breathing space. Remember that older customers may be frail and require a little extra help and kindness.

How To Use Technology 

There’s very little that makes you feel more uncomfortable than not understanding how to use technology at work, unless it’s not knowing how to use technology in front of an audience. Every store has a different till system and even though you might have used your NCR counterpoint system to the point where you’re dreaming about it at night, you need to remember that new technology can be confusing and difficult to a new employee, particularly if a customer is standing there looking at them. Don’t leave them alone behind the cash desk until they’re completely confident. 

How To Understand The Store Hierarchy

At all times, your staff should know who to talk to if there’s a problem, and how to reach their manager, whether it’s on the other end of a phone, via a walkie talkie or via a bell that they can ring. This will help them to feel secure and safe at work, which is everyone’s right in their workplace. 

How To Treat Kids 

Not everyone is completely comfortable around children but the truth is that if you work anywhere in public, you will encounter them at some point. We have to face up to the fact that sometimes kids will destroy your carefully made displays and they will make a mess in a place that you just tidied – and you just have to take a deep breath and smile and help. Remember that they shouldn’t touch a kid unless they’re in physical danger – if there are any displays with pointed edges that they could potentially hurt themselves on, make sure you keep an eye on them around them. Make sure that you’re friendly and welcoming to all customers – even if they’re under eighteen! 

How To Tackle Thieves 

The simple fact is this: you should not ever tackle a thief under any circumstances. If your store doesn’t have a security guard then your management has decided that the cost of the merchandise being stolen per day is less than the wages that they would pay a security guard, so frankly if you don’t have a security guard then the merchandise is simply not important or expensive enough to risk your safety for. If you suspect someone of stealing then it’s a better idea to ask them if they need some help instead of confronting them.

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