The Business Presentation: Aced

Presentations are used and needed all the time in business. Perhaps you are pitching to a firm for your services, or maybe to a retail change to stock your product, or you could be presenting to a bunch of investors whose choice could make or break your wonderful idea. When you are on the go presenting, it can be quite easy to make a mistake or mess up. As a result, you want to stack the cards in your favour to try and ensure you get the best possible result. Here are some ideas and tips that can help you get the answer you want most. 

Make It Look Good 

This extends to beyond the powerpoint presentation. Use great props and aspects that really draw attention. Think about the kind of things you would use at a trade show. These are what really makes the difference. You can get some retractable banner stands which can really make your presentation look professional. Use posters and really try to brighten up the room. Positive colours and great advertisement can swing it in your favour if they think you have gone the extra mile to prove your worth.

Use Software You Are Comfortable With 

Don’t use a different kind of presentation software just because you have heard it is good. Stick to what you know and this will mitigate the chances of error during the presentation. If you are mainly comfortable with Powerpoint, then use it. Don’t switch out to something like keynote if you don’t know how it properly works. Being comfortable is a key first step in making sure it all goes really well.

Get There Early 

You want to get to the presentation room early to set everything up. You don’t want to end up arriving late and then having to rush everything up while they impatiently look on and tut to themselves. This is important because they may have different connections and fixtures than what you are used to. Get there early and get it all set up, this way you will have nothing to worry about.

Have The Information At Hand 

Make sure you have all the information they are likely to ask at hand. No one expects you to know it all of the top of your head, that will be impossible. But have a file nearby clearly marked out and easy to navigate. This way you can find the answers to any questions quickly and stop them thinking you are in some way incompetent. Revise your figures and facts before hand so you do have some knowledge committed to memory, but ensure you are never caught without an answer.

Use Samples 

If you are presenting about one of your products then take it with you and hand it out. People aren’t going to invest in something they haven’t been able to see or touch. You need to be able to show them exactly what product or service you are going to offer for the best chance of success.

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