Power To The People! Working Online When There's A Power Cut

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to work at home. There is no need to get up if you don’t want to. Or if you really had to get up, you can make a coffee and relax in your home office ready to start a day’s work. But then disaster strikes! You get a power cut. All your day’s work at home, either lost, or you have to make the trip to the office after all, but are there any ways to prepare for a power cut so you can still work from home, and not lose your work? There are a few methods you can go for!


Short for Uninterruptible Power Supply, this is a way for you to have a battery backup on your computer. A laptop generally has less need for a UPS, but they can benefit should your laptop battery be on the quick-to-drain side! If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, you will be grateful for a UPS supply to your computer. If you are stuck for what type to go for, here is a list for you to peruse and enjoy. There are plenty to choose from, so you are likely to find a UPS that suits your needs and fits in your home. By having a UPS installed, if you suffer a power cut, it will give you enough time to safely save your work and shut the computer down.

Have A Spare Dongle 

Using the internet for your work? Aren’t we all! The main problem we all have with a power cut is the fact that we can’t use the internet, and not just to check Twitter. How are we able to access any emails or do anything? Having a backup dongle handy just in case of a power cut means that you will always have online access. Having a dongle with a small amount of data loaded onto it means you will always be able to get that email sent off. If you have a smartphone with enough internet data on it, you can always use that as a portable Wi-Fi device instead. 

Upgrade To Cloud Computing Software

There are many reasons to upgrade to the cloud. While the cloud is a better way to store information and makes less of an impact on your carbon footprint as the cloud infrastructure will power down its resources, it is a great backup device for your work. Cloud storage systems provide an almost constant auto-save facility on its documents, which makes it a no-brainer when it comes to working under duress. They also provide the ability to work offline, so if you get a power cut and your dongle is out of action, but the UPS is giving you valuable battery life, you can finish off your document without any bother if you were in the middle of something important. 

A power outage doesn’t mean you need to lose your work anymore. By using these, you will have plenty of options to keep your valuable work safely stored.

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