What Are Your Potential Employees Really Looking For?

The relationship between employer and employee is something that your business needs to get right. You want people as motivated and engaged in their jobs as possible. You want to be able to retain those who prove valuable to the business. Most importantly, you want to be able to attract the top talent to the business, no matter what the position is. One of the keys to all three of those is finding out what people really want from the job. What can you offer that will draw them in, keep them happy, and keep them with you?


First and foremost, we have to be aware that everyone has a future they want to aim towards. Even if they don’t know it yet, the value of upward mobility becomes apparent to everyone in time. If you’re offering a dead-end job, they will likely only treat it as a stepping stone. You need to present a workplace that helps people develop. That can mean offering formal training sessions, acting as a mentor, or helping them get to grips with more responsibility through appropriate delegation. It’s a good idea to ask your team to be candid about what they see from the future. If they know you’re invested in them, they will invest themselves in the business. 


Of course, they won’t be able to think about that future all that much if they know their current needs aren’t being properly provided for. Some of the best benefits a business can offer make it easier for people to work reliably with a company, helping them deal with their needs outside the workplace. Some of them are the crucial needs of the future, like retirement contributions with the best 401k plan providers. Others help them deal with demands separate from work, like offering top-notch child care services to parents in the business. If you can help them deal with the demands of their life outside the workplace, your job offers the kind of security that few people will turn their nose up at. 


To that end, they are also going to be thinking about their work-life balance. In a lot of jobs, that goes no further that the employee having to find a way to fit their life around work. Which is why being able to offer flexible schedules and working conditions can make your business stand above the rest. Only 5% of businesses offer those kind of positions, so if you want to compete for recruits, then thinking about offering a variety of hours or even the ability to work remotely from home could really help. Besides the formal perks your workplace could offer, don’t forget about workplace culture, team cohesion, respect, and concern all play a role in shaping a better team. Don’t just think of them as work units, but be aware of the human concerns that make going to work a joy or a chore. Keep that in mind with the provisions mentioned above and your workplace will have

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